DOTA 2 (Update)

La nueva actualización trae pocos cambios que destacar, se ha habilitado “The International” en la sección de Torneo en vivo, han sido introducidos 50 nuevos Objetos en la DOTA STORE, entre otros cambios…
Como ya había anunciado VALVe está enfocado en el torneo The Internacional que se inicia a fines de mes, tampoco se esperan cambios drásticos en el juego ya que podrían afectar la performance del torneo…



Cambios del cliente DotA 2 en la actualización del 15 de agosto…


– Fixed Captain’s Mode Level 1 & 2 penalties reducing a bit more time than intended.
– Silencer: Fixed Invoke proccing Last Word.
– Juggernaut: Fixed a bug that was causing the first tick of Healing Ward to always heal the Radiant team.
– Tiny: Fixed Toss disabling allied Blink Daggers.
– Huskar: Fixed Life Break not hurting Huskar if he jumped on a magic immune unit.
– Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Essence Aura not proccing on items.


– Save/Load system for private games is back online.
– Clicking on a hero portrait in the stats dropdown now queries that hero.
– Added stat dropdown category “net worth”, the value of non-consumable items in their inventory and their current gold.
– Fixed world lines not being drawn properly when networked to other clients.
– Fixed Hero card movies not working if the hero selection was made while you had the dashboard up.
– Fixed the timeline being broken if you jumped back to the picking stage while viewing the Vs animation.
– Fixed Silenced state getting stuck on in the hud.
– When spectator fog of war hotkeys are pressed, the UI now updates to match.


– Added over 50 new items from the community.

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