DOTA 2 TEST: Update (20 Febrero 2013)

En esta actualización se han añadido dentro del juego guías y sugerencias para el armado de héroes. Los jugadores ahora también pueden ser miembros de varios equipos, nuevos set de objetos disponibles en la DOTA Store, ajustes en los bots, entre otros cambios…


Cambios del cliente de DOTA 2 al 20 de febrero del 2013…

– Added In-game Guides and Hero Builds!
– Players can now be a member of multiple teams.

– Fixed backswing behavior on some of Invoker’s skills.
– Fixed Last Word being dispelled by Purge/Cyclone/etc.
– Fixed Last Word interrupting channeling spells if the initial duration ends during the channel.
– Enabled Medusa in Captain’s Mode tournament version.
– Fixed Healing Ward not preserving its hotkey when leveled up.

– Added right click menu to the combat log with “Copy to clipboard” option.
– Added option to render the Co-Broadcaster’s camera. Use dota_minimap_draw_cocaster_camera 0 to disable.
– Added new right click option to backpack items to equip the entire set the item belongs to.

– Adjusted hero roles of Windrunner (fewer last hits) and Meepo (more last hits).
– Made Death Prophet bot more likely to use Crypt Swarm in teamfights.
– Made Necrolyte bot a bit more hesitant about using Death Pulse when laning.
– Fixed bots dropping thousands of TP scrolls at the side shops.
– Practice with Bots difficulty and team settings are now saved.

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