DOTA 2 (UPDATE 26 de Junio)

Cambios del cliente de DOTA 2 TEST al 26 de Junio del 2013…


– Ancient Apparition: Fixed being able to heal under Ice Blast with Armlet and Morph.
– Beastmaster: Fixed Primal Roar push and slow radius being slightly too small.
– Brewmaster: Fixed Primal Split’s Pulverize damage not affecting magic immune.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch being dodgeable.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch not resetting its max slow/stun effect when refreshed on a target.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch sometimes dealing 7 damage ticks instead of 8.
– Dazzle: Fixed Shadow Wave being unable to bounce to allied invulnerable/sleeping units.
– Enchantress: Fixed Untouchable not affecting Spirit Bear and Golem.
– Enchantress: Fixed Impetus not doing damage at very large distances instead of being capped.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed a minor issue with Rocket Barrage doing 31 rockets instead of 30.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down 50% slow happening on second impact if you were already slowed by the first (instead of 20%).
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon hitting Familiars.
– Invoker: Fixed Ghost Walk not affecting units like Golem, Primal Split, etc.
– Kunkka: Fixed Torrent not dealing its damage over multiple instances.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Feast’s lifesteal component still happening while doomed.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Infest visual effect stuttering behind the Infested unit.
– Medusa: Fixed Splitshot missing 24 aoe.
– Necrolyte: Fixed being able to dispel Reaper’s Scythe.
– Pugna: Fixed Nether Ward degen aura not working against Magic Immune.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot’s Trueshot component not working with Illusions.
– Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin working against allied damage.
– Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin being purgable.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks sometimes ending prematurely when it’s current target goes invis or blinks.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks ending once any target it bounces on has Linken’s Sphere.
– Tranquil Boots: Fixed heal getting dispelled when Bladefury or Repel is used.
– Tranquil Boots: Fixed showing active icon state while it is disabled on Illusions.

– Added support for forming and managing Guilds. Guild Leaders invite, kick, promote, and demote members. Officers can invite members. There’s a guild message that can be edited, a logo specified, and a chat channel.
– Added the ability to open a party to a guild, which allows members of a specified guild to freely join the party. Players can browse open guild parties that are available to them.
– Open guild parties can now have a description.
– Fixed bug allowing extra bonus report submissions.
– Capped maximum bonus report submissions at 2.

– Quick Cast keybindings added for items.
– Quick Cast bugs fixed: courier keybinding conflict and blank Invoker recipes.

– Many tweaks have been done to Directed Camera framing.
– Also tweaks to how the Director chooses shots while in the middle of a fight.

– Fixed some FoW interactions with Kunkka’s ability SFX.

– Updated to higher fidelity Sniper model.
– New Sniper model uploaded for the workshop.

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