DOTA 2: Update (7 Febrero 2013)

En esta actualización se incluye la versión inicial del Matchmaking por Equipos, mejoras en las estadísticas de rendimiento, nuevos objetos cosméticos y correcciones en el balance del juego…


Cambios del cliente de DOTA 2 al 7 de febrero del 2013…

– Added Team Matchmaking! Teams have a public rating based on their performance against other Teams.
– Added Language setting for Matchmaking!

– Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction AOE and Self impact behavior when there is a Magic Immune target.
– Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm being applied to Magic Immune units.
– Batrider: Fixed Sticky Napalm being removed by Magic Immunity.
– Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture damage interval.
– Bloodseeker: Fixed being able to use potions during Rupture.
– Dark Seer: Fixed being able to cast Ion Shell on special units like Spirit Bear and Warlock’s Golem
– Doom: Fixed Doom’s interaction with MKB and Truestrike.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Breath sometimes missing at very close range in Elder Dragon Form.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Breath travel time being too slow.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down first and second impact slow values being swapped
– Keeper of the Light: Fixed Recall going off if Keeper died during the delay.
– Lone Druid: Fixed Spirit Bear’s Entangle working against Ancients and Creep Heroes like Familiars and Warlock’s Golem.
– Medusa: Fixed Split Shot hitting Nightmared units.
– Medusa: Fixed Mana Shield not blocking damage from Death Ward, Plague Wards, Serpent Wards and Wildkin’s Tornado.
– Morphling: Fixed Morph transformation stopping if Morphling gets purged or cycloned.
– Shadow Fiend: Fixed Shadow Fiend gaining souls while dead
– Shadow Fiend: Fixed Shadow Fiend gaining souls from killing illusions.
– Spectre: Fixed Spectral Dagger sometimes creating invisible paths of targets it hit.
– Troll Warlord: Added Pseudo Random support for his Bash.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed Whirling Axes interaction with Roshan.
– Visage: Fixed Cleave hitting Familiars.
– Warlock: Fixed Flaming Fists hitting ethereal units.
– Weaver: Fixed various buffs Time Lapse did not remove.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks bouncing off of couriers.
– Courier: Fixed courier not responding to deliver orders after having received a hold or stop order.
– Courier: Reduced stash interaction ranges to fix the courier not filling a bottle when entering and exiting the fountain area in a short time.
– Courier: Fixed the Deliver Items breaking if you used speed burst on the way to the stash.
– Fixed direct unit target spells having 24 less effective range.
– Fixed Dark Pact and and Kraken Shell not removing Sticky Napalm, Shadow Strike, Venomous Gale, Poison Nova and Viper Strike.
– Fixed Day/Night cycle duration as well as initial state being a bit off.
– Fixed some ability Backswing timing issues (Kunkka, Clockwerk, Timbersaw, Meepo, Pudge, Spiritbreaker, Sand King, Riki, Nyx, Lion, Pugna, Shadow Demon, Batrider).
– Orb of Venom now has the same stacking behavior with Lifesteal that Eye of Skadi does.
– Fixed Veil of Discord not getting applied to Magic Immune units.
– Fixed Veil of Discord getting dispelled by Purge/BKB/Cyclone/etc.
– Fixed Bloodstone charges incrementing while you are dead.
– Dropped, non-sharable items can no longer be destroyed by teammates.
– Fixed dominated units continuing their previous channeling spell.
– Enabled Silencer in Captain’s Mode for Latest Version (will be enabled in Tournament Version the following week).

– Added Language option for Matchmaking. You will find players when matchmaking that have selected the same language(s).
– Fixed buff refreshes not showing the correct swipe.
– Made Keeper’s two Spirit Form abilities always visible but just disabled until he uses Spirit Form.
– The dota:// URL handler now supports lobbyid= and accountid= for creating game spectating links.
– Fixed autocast ability border not hiding when moving from a friendly unit to querying an enemy.
– When using smart tab switching, fixed not being able to cycle to controllable units if your currently selected using is dead.
– Players that play on a league game will now have access to that league pass.
– Fixed being able to pick or random an already repicked hero.
– Added an error message when pressing the courier deliver button and there are no items to be delivered.

– Added Team query to WebAPI. Query is GetTeamInfoByTeamID, params are start_at_team_id and teams_requested.

– Players that participate in Leagues will now have access to watch all games for said league in the tournament tab.

– Made Necrolyte bot more likely to use Death Pulse to heal himself.
– When considering purchasing an item and determining whether there’s room in their inventory, bots will now consider whether the item will stack with an existing item.
– Bots will no longer sell a situational item in order to retrieve a situational item from their stash (fixes purchase thrashing).
– Witch Doctor will no longer use Maledict on non-hero units.
– Slightly lowered the maximum desire to attack a non-hero unit.

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