DOTA 2 : Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light y Visage

Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, y Visage son los nuevos heroes añadidos en esta actualización…



Cambios del cliente DotA 2 en la actualización del 25 de julio…


– Added Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage and enabled in Captain’s Mode!
– Added a cooldown to being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.


– Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes working with Refresher.
– Beastmaster: Wild Axes no longer provide vision when they aren’t flying.
– Naga Siren: Fixed Dust of Appearance not working against units slept by Song of the Siren.
– Naga Siren: Fixed Ice Blast debuff not getting added to units slept by Song of the Siren.
– Naga Siren: Fixed Weave not affecting units slept by Song of the Siren.
– Phantom Lancer: Fixed Doppelwalk illusions not correctly replicating their inventory item slots.
– Rubick: Fixed Wild Axes being left around when another ability is stolen.
– Sand King: Neutrals can now be damaged by Sandstorm.
– Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld initial attack doing too much damage.
– Slardar: Fixed Bash working while doomed.
– Neutrals damaged by an invisible enemy will now try to run away.


– Multiple tweaks to director events and framing.
– Fixed particle effects sometimes not drawing while in Player Perspective mode.


– Added notification for when a Tournament has a live game currently running.
– The kill card now shows a randomly selected item that the killer is wearing. Also reduced its size.
– Fixed equipping an item in the backpack not jumping to the correct hero in the loadout
– Added Buyback to the spectating stats dropdown.
– Added a cooldown for being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.


– Fixed Rubick retaining incorrect skins from stolen abilities when returning to his normal model.
– Meld damage display is now only shown for successful hits.


– Significant revision of how bots determine their strategic desires.
– Roshan desire has been significantly reworked. It’s now based on how quickly Roshan can be killed given the available heroes and how quickly enemies can show up.
– Evasion desire is now more granular. Things like Blade Fury now cause a range of evasion desire based on the bot’s current health.
– Fixed case where bots were trying to path to an invalid location when defending their base.
– Made bots more aggressive about attacking when defending a lane.
– Cleaned up inferred human modes for pushing and defending lanes.
– Made bots less concerned about distance when considering an attack on a pinged target.
– Fixed bug that made pinged towers less likely to attract allied bots that were doing other high-priority stuff.
– Tuned retreat desire values when hurt and close to the fountain.
– Made bots somewhat more likely to buy a flying courier.


– Added a new Import Wearable option to the Publish New Item section of the in-game workshop UI. It will compile, validate, and preview your model before you submit it. When submitting, it also packs the files into a format that makes it much easier for us to bring it into the game.




Nyx Assassin

Keeper of the Light


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