DOTA 2: Update

El cliente de DOTA 2 ha sido actualizado…



Cambios de DotA 2 en la actualización del 10 de mayo…


– Enabled Phantom Lancer in Captain’s Mode.
– Fixed turn rates for the following heroes: Lifestealer, Alchemist, Clockwerk, Bounty Hunter, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Ancient Apparition, Brewmaster, Chen, Silencer, Lone Druid, Spectre and Spiritbreaker.
– Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction self explosion still stunning you if you are invulnerable.
– Alchemist: Fixed night vision being too small.
– Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction damage being too small.
– Bane: Fixed being unable to nightmare non-hero units.
– Batrider: Fixed Flamebreak to not trigger Sphere.
– Beastmaster: Fixed Aghanim’s Primal Roar cast range being 50 too short.
– Beastmaster: Fixed base damage being slightly too low.
– Brewmaster: Fixed attack range being 138 instead of 128.
– Brewmaster: Fixed critical strike working against wards.
– Brewmaster: Fixed base HP regeneration (0.25->0.75).
– Brewmaster: Fixed Primal Split’s Wind element being unable to Dispel Sandstorm.
– Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs bounty being too small.
– Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs knockback speed and distance being too small.
– Clockwerk: Fixed Rocket Flare reveal aoe.
– Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs having very small night vision.
– Crystal Maiden: Fixed Crystal Nova vision.
– Dark Seer: Fixed Vacuum tree aoe destruction being too big.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed very minor inaccuracy on Dragon Form attack range.
– Enigma: Fixed Eidolon split attack count incrementing on allied unit attacks.
– Invoker: Fixed Chaos Meteor burn damage being a little too low.
– Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash selection aoe being slightly too big.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Feast working against wards.
– Lone Druid: Fixed base HP regeneration (0.25->0.5).
– Lone Druid: Fixed Spirit Bear getting trapped in Power Cogs and Sprout.
– Lone Druid: Fixed Entangling Roots working on wards.
– Lycan: Fixed Shapeshift speed boost disappearing from other units upon Lycan.
– Lycan: Fixed other controlled units not getting movement buff if created after Shapeshift was cast.
– Lycan: Fixed Shapeshift not healing for the amount of bonus HP he gains.
– Morphling: Fixed being able to heal under Ice Blast.
– Nevermore: Fixed Requiem of Souls travel distance being too small.
– Outworld Destroyer: Fixed arcane orb doing bonus damage to Warlock illusions.
– Puck: Fixed attack range.
– Puck: Fixed channel time on level 4 Phase Shift.
– Pugna: Fixed Life Drain range not improving with Aghanim’s Scepter.
– Riki: Fixed Blink Strike not guaranteeing a backstab proc.
– Shadow Fiend: Fixed base HP regeneration (0.25->0.5).
– Slardar: Fixed Crush duration on creeps.
– Spiritbreaker: Fixed base HP regeneration (0.25->0.75).
– Spiritbreaker: Fixed base Intelligence.
– Warlock: Fixed Golem’s Flaming Fists doing half damage in a bigger aoe.
– Fixed Force Staff cast range (600->800).
– Fixed Bloodstone charge loss from 30 to 33%.
– Fixed Shiva’s Guard blast radius.
– Fixed Manta invulernability duration (0.23->0.1).
– Fixed Tranquil Boots broken movement speed being too low.
– Fixed Shiva’s Guard not granting unobstructed vision during the cast phase.
– Fixed Satyr Hellcaller’s Shockwave doing less damage than intended.
– Fixed Neutral Ursa Warrior Thunder Clap doing 20% slow instead of 25%.
– Fixed Ghost’s frost attack missing 15 bonus damage.
– Fixed minor inaccuracy on dire range upgraded creeps bounty.
– Fixed Ogre Mauler having 3 extra armor.
– Fixed Spirit Bear bounty being too low.
– Fixed Greater Boar unit level.
– Fixed Healing Ward vision radius.
– Fixed Lycan Wolves giving too much XP.
– Fixed Freezing Field ground slow aoe being slightly off.
– Fixed Heaven’s Halberd’s disarm not being dispellable.


– Fixed smoke of deceit not making some heroes invisible (it was visual only).
– Added healing overhead messages to Dazzle and Omni


– Fixed smoke of deceit not making some heroes invisible (it was visual only).
– Added healing overhead messages to Dazzle and Omni


– If no stats will be recorded for a match due to someone leaving too early the abandonment message will now reflects this.
– Added an option for simplified controls, where right clicking always moves, and left clicking performs all actions.
– Fixed hero-type units (like Brewmaster’s splits) being able to purchase items directly into the Stash from the Secret Shop.
– Added free camera control for Spectators and Replays (dota_free_camera in the console).
– All events involving player-controlled units now show up in the combat log.
– Added new Director event for when Roshan spawns.


– Fixed bug that would cause bots to clump at the center of map rather than roaming to gank a target.
– Fixed bug that would cause bots to run out of the fountain prematurely sometimes rather than healing up.
– Bots should now only buy TP scrolls when at the home base or side shops, and will want to buy a TP scroll if they don’t have one in their inventory.
– Bots will now only buyback after the laning phase is done.
– Vengeful Spirit bot will now use Nether Swap to interrupt channels.
– Bots will now forget whether a hero is an illusions or not when they lose sight of it.
– Bots will now properly disable themselves for team-balance even if the opposing player disconnects before hero selection.
– Made bots doing something else more responsive to Push ping requests.
– Made bots more wary about trying to farm lanes with enemies potentially nearby.
– Made Razor a carry for now to help him get selected more.
– On Easy, bots will no longer use Force Staff, Orchid, or Phase Boots.
– On Easy, bots will no longer preferentially attack real heroes rather than illusions
– Reworked how Roshan desire is computed, it’s now done on a per-team basis rather than per-hero.
– Fixed bug where bots wouldn’t buy back once they’d run out of items to buy.
– Fixed bug where Earthshaker bot’s desire to Enchant Totem would somtimes override his desire to Echo Slam.
– Fixed bug that would cause Tidehunter bot to occassionally use Ravage on just creeps.
– Bots that are healing in the fountain will no longer run out to meet their courier.

DotA 2 Update


DotA 2 Update

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