DOTA 2 (Update): Tusk

La actualización de esta semana incluye la llegada de un nuevo héroe: Tusk…

Anuncio Oficial

“Tusk te va a noquear, la mama de Tusk dijo que te noquee”***.

En esta actualización también encontrará el primer set de objetos de Mirana: The Garments of the Nightsilver Sentinel. Nunca he oído hablar antes de un Owlion, pero después de leer el grandioso libro “Big Beasts That Happen To Be Big” de Beastmaster, aprendí que es una de esas criaturas usualmente criados por sus habilidades en la magia.

Hablando de criaturas extrañas, la nueva temporada de Star Series comienza mañana y v1lat logró convocar a un Grillhound utilizando uno de los muchos encantamientos, es probable que haya oído hablar a él a través de sus muchísimas transmisiones. El Grillhound estará a su lado en tus aventuras y se hará más fuerte cuando usted vea más juegos de la temporada V de la Star Series .

*** Expresión en referencia al tema musical “Mama Said To Knock You Out” de LL Cool J.


Las habilidades del héroe Tusk…

Tusk Skills

Tusk Gameplay


Cambios del cliente de DOTA 2 al 14 de febrero del 2013…

– Added Tusk!

– Lina: Fixed Dragon Slave hitting units behind you.
– Mirana: Fixed some backswing behaviors with her spells
– Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld not removing collision.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed a case where ranged Troll Warlord can bash when attacking while transforming.
– Troll Warlord: Added a “fast” attack animation that will only trigger when his attack speed is above 210
– Fixed Orchid disabling Dagger at the end of its duration even if it was doing no damage.
– Fixed a recent bug with Poor Man’s Shield that could infrequently cause it to not block hero damage
– Fixed some wave speed issues with Crypt Swarm, Dual Breath, Breathe Fire, Dragon Slave, Illuminate, Sonic Wave and Shockwave.
– Enabled Silencer in Tournament lobbies.
– Team Matchmaking now uses the Tournament lobby rules.
– Two-player Mid Only games now automatically spawn a courier.
– Enabled Medusa in Captain’s Mode for Latest Version (will be enabled in Tournament Version the following week).

– Updated look of the combat log and added language localization.
– Fixed bug where players who’d set themselves as Offline in Steam would still report their Rich Presence status.
– Players no longer display what hero they’re playing in their Rich Presnce if they’re in a private no-spectating game.
– Added a “Add Self to Roster” button that shows up for Team Admins that aren’t part of their Team’s Roster.
– The Game End panel now shows team names for games with teams.

– If Keeper of the Light dies with Recall active, the visual effect is now removed.

– Fixed bots not considering Phantom Lancer a hard carry.
– Fixed VS bot not having a large enough item build list.
– Bots will no longer dust Doppelwalk because it’s sneaky.
– Bots will no longer buy invisibility detection for an enemy’s item until they see that item in an enemy’s inventory.
– Made Zeus bot slightly more likely to use Wrath of the Thundergod.
– When a player connects, we now only disable/make invulnerable heroes on the opposing teams (not units with bots like the Warlock Golem).

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