DOTA 2 Test Changelog

Se ha añadido nuevos modelos de los siguientes items cuando son “dropeados” del inventario: Divine Rapier, Healing Salve, Clarity, Dust of Appearance, Bottle, y Boots of Speed. Se han añadido los Bots de Lion y Omniknight, corrección de errores en el juego, añadido nueva región: South Africa, entre otros cmabios.



Cambios del cliente de DOTA 2 Test al 13 de Marzo del 2013…

– Clinkz: Fixed Death Pact healing Clinkz under Ice Blast debuff.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon killing couriers.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot not working on units like Spirit Bear, Warlock’s Golem, etc.
– Sniper: Fixed Shrapnel doing slightly less damage than intended to towers.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot’s physical damage bonus being blocked by Magic Immunity.
– Spectre: Added a short grace period to walking off the Spectral Dagger path before collision is restored.
– Spiritbreaker: Fixed Magic Immune units being ignored by the AOE greater bash procs from Charge of Darkness and Scepter Nether Strike.
– Tusk: Fixed some cases where Ice Shards could get units stuck.
– Visage: Fixed a number of incorrect spell interactions with Familiars.
– Wisp: Fixed Tether sometimes ending prematurely if Relocate was cast before Tether.
– Wisp: Fixed Relocating units sometimes walking away to do a previous behavior.
– Fixed Roshan’s aoe Slam damage type being physical rather than magical (and thus hurting Familiars).
– Fixed creeps and neutrals sometimes not responding to long range spells.
– Fixed Blink Dagger self-cast to work consistently.
– Fixed Cheese not having a cooldown.
– Fixed Cheese not stacking in inventory.
– Enabled Timbersaw in Captain’s Mode in Latest Version (Tournament Version next week).
– Local games are no longer automatically unpaused.
– Updated Maelstrom sound effects.
– Fixed hitbox on dropped Rapier.

– Added sound effects to the Dashboard.
– Added sound effects for various Tiny deaths.
– Updated Mjollnir sound effect.
– Updated Maelstrom sound effect.

– Items held by the courier are now included in a player’s Net Worth.
– Fixed the sorting of Teams List under the Community tab.
– Fixed courier and ward previewing in the backpack.
– Fixed the scrollbar being hidden when a schedule had a full page of tournaments in a single month.
– Live games list now displays the game mode.
– Fiery Soul of the Slayer’s custom minimap icon only draws for the player that owns the item.
– Re-positioned end game survey to not block the chat.
– Teams that haven’t played a team matchmaking game in the last 7 days will now show up as being “inactive” in WebAPI calls.
– Improved performance of chat channels in the Dashboard.

– Revised overhead Soul Assumption indicator.
– Fixed Smoke of Deceit AOE visual effect showing for enemies if the caster is hidden
– Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Divine Rapier, Healing Salve, Clarity, Dust of Appearance, Bottle, and Boots of Speed.

– Added Lion bot.
– Added Omniknight bot.
– Made a number of adjustments to loadouts and builds based on community feedback.
– Bots now know how to use Rod of Atos, Tranquil Boots, Abyssal Blade, Heaven’s Halberd, and Veil of Dischord.
– Bots will no longer go to the Side Shop with a full inventory if they aren’t willing to sell anything.
– Generic summoned units (Necro units, Illusions, etc) now have basic bot AIs, so they can act independently from their owner.
– Fixed bots interrupting their teleports.
– Bots will be less aggressive when they have stacks of Sticky Napalm on them.
– Bots will now only use Refresher Orb if they want to cast big ticket abilities.
– Fixed Witch Doctor bot spam-toggling Voodoo Restoration when he simply wanted to activate it.
– Witch Doctor is less likely to use Death Ward on units that are about to die anyways.
– Bots now establish their lanes at 0:15 (changed from 0:30), which makes jungling the initial creep spawn eaiser without confusing them about what lane you’re in.
– Bots will no longer go for runes that may or may not be there if it’s been a while since their spawn time.
– When there are no wards up, bots are now smarter about only warding the closer rune location.

– Added general support for importing any Ability/Spell related model. Currently just supporting Beastmaster Boars.
– Reworked the “View My Submissions” page to better handle a large number of submissions (sorting/pagination/bug fixes).
– Fixed submission preview images not being set correctly.
– Fixed a bug where updating an existing submission could set incorrect tags on the submission.
– Disabled the Workshop in the Test client to prevent confusion.
– Added region for South Africa.

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