Warlock llega a DotA 2

Introducido el Héroe Warlock en la última actualización del jueves 10 de noviembre…

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Una Ofrenda Ardiente

La actualización de hoy añade a Warlock, un maestro de las Artes Oscuras y el único héroe capaz de invocar a un poderoso gólem de fuego.

Entre otras correcciones y adiciones, la actualización de hoy supone otro paso adelante en cuanto a características para la comunidad. Hace un par de actualizaciones incorporamos un sistema de reportes y recomendaciones. Esto nos ha proporcionado una importante cantidad de datos acerca de cómo algunos jugadores benefician o perjudican la diversión de otros jugadores. Una de las cosas en la que nos hemos fijamos es que algunos jugadores reducen la diversión de otros mediante los canales de chat, sin embargo también reciben recomendaciones en otras partidas por ser buenos jugadores con los que aliarse o competir. Así que en esta actualización hemos añadido un sistema que detecta a los jugadores que, con toda claridad, reducen la diversión de otros específicamente mediante el chat de texto y de voz, restringiendo de forma temporal su capacidad para utilizar estos sistemas. Una vez que vuelvan a aportar cosas a la comunidad, podrán reactivar esta funcionalidad. Como siempre, estaremos especialmente atentos para comprobar si este cambio hace que Dota sea un lugar mejor para todos, y nos puedes enviar tus impresiones después de ver en acción estos cambios.


Cambios de DotA 2 en la actualización del 10 de noviembre…


– Added system that temporarily removes chat functionality from hostile players.


– Added Warlock.
– Antimage: Fixed Manabreak working through Doom.
– Beastmaster: Fixed him doing 10 less base damage than he’s supposed to.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Corrosive Breath being lethal.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Breathe Fire not working on Siege units.
– Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire not working on Siege units.
– Jakiro: Fixed Dual Breath fire interval being a little too slow.
– Omniknight: Fixed Purge/Repel not removing Hex.
– Omniknight: Fixed being unable to cast Purification on mechanical units
– Shadow Shaman: Fixed Voodoo not being blocked by Linken’s Sphere.
– Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush not showing an AoE indicator.


– Enabled Omniknight and Dragon Knight in Captain’s Mode.
– Fixed Heart of Tarrasque regen stacking issues.
– Fixes courier not responding to further deliver orders until he was issued a move order.
– Fixed a case where items would not combine if the owning player was disconnected.
– Fixed an item combine bug when giving an item to another hero who has a full inventory.
– Fixed Diffusal Blade’s manabreak working through Doom.
– Fixed Satyr Trickster’s Purge not canceling Repel.
– Fixed being unable to target Siege units with Medallion of Courage.
– Fixed Urn and Bloodstone resetting at 30 charges.
– Increased the time window allowed between double clicking abilities and items.
– Fixed camera position resetting to the middle of the map after receiving a full update.


– You can now choose Southeast Asia and US East/West in the matchmaking region settings on the Today page.
– Matches in the Today and Watch pages are now sorted by the average rank of players in the game.
– Added Network Quality setting to the Options menu.
– In spectator hero chase mode, clicking on the top bar clears the temporary unit query as well as following the new unit.
– Added a cooldown sound for clicking the Glyph while it is on cooldown.
– Fixed commands bound to apostrophe not being properly captured by the UI. Fixes buying items in your Quick Buy slot when typing in chat.
– Added checkbox for practice lobbies to make them watchable via the Watch tab.
– Fixed courier’s transfer items buff not destroying itself when another order was given to him. Fixes courier not responding to further deliver orders until he was issued a move order.


Cleaned up some Dragon Knight effects.
Updated Dragon Knight’s run and idle animations.
Fixed Windrunner’s bowstring disappearing when she died.
Fixed some visual bugs related to building destruction.
Fixed gestures not being properly deleted in some occasions. Fixes Beastmaster never leaving his flail animations (and thus strutting down the middle lane like a boss).
Fixed lipsync on portraits not lasting the full duration of the lines being spoken.


Added Tower/Barrack destruction music.
Fixed Heroes never commenting on first blood events.


– Fixed bots trying to attack Razor’s Plasma Field.
– Bots will now consider siege units to be creeps for purposes of laning and farming.
– Bots now pay better attention to incoming gank damage, so they should be quicker about retreating.
– Fixed bug in Earthshaker bot where he was underestimating the stun duration of Fissure.
– Fixed bug that was causing bots to not consider tower avoidance when attacking.
– Bots should now back off to more reasonable positions when pushing a tower and waiting for their creeps.
– Bots will no longer be scared of themselves when pushing a tower (!)
– Fixed a bug where bots would either never purchase from the side/secret shops or would sometimes get stuck trying to purchase from them when they had no room.
– Fixed bots trying to attack invulnerable units.
– Implemented avoidance for Batrider’s Firefly.
– Fixed a few cases where Bane would try to cast an ability on an invalid target.
– Bots now wait for teammates to be relatively nearby before moving closer to a tower they’re defending.
– Tiny bot will no longer wait to get into toss range before using any abilities on a retreating unit.
– Bots will no longer roam when they have a hero or creep actively attacking them.
– Fixed case where heroes with long attack ranges could get stuck trying to farm a lane but not being in range of any creeps.


Una corta introducción y características de Warlock.


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