DotA 6.67b AI +Fun v2.4

“DotA Ai +Fun” es una “adaptación” de la recordada modificación “DotA Ai AWESOME” creada y lanzada por BuffmePlz en el 2009 y que incluía nuevos Heroes e Items (no oficiales) en el juego.
El programador “Overflow” decidió “rescatar” esta modificación, actualizarla a la última versión Ai (“6.67b AI Rev2d”) y seguir con su desarrollo, pero ahora bajo el nombre de “DotA Ai +Fun”.

Esta versión incluye los 97 héroes de la versión 6.67b + 26 “héroes fun” y 9 items adicionales.


DotA v6.67b AI +Fun v2.4

Version: 6.67b AI +Fun v2.4
Autor: Overflow
Idioma: Ingles (English).
Fecha: 24 de noviembre de 2010.
Archivo: DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.4.w3x
Tamaño: 7.3 MB.

Descargar (7.3 MB.)
Descargar (7.3 MB.)
Descargar (7.3 MB.)

* Para poder jugar con los nuevos heroes e items, debe activar el “modo fun”, ejecutando el comando “-fun”.

*Este mapa Ai trabaja con el Parche 1.24e de WarCraft III: TFT.



Fun v2.4: 24/11/10

* Fixed -agi not working when Ricky uses his ultimate.
* Fixed -agi displaying wrong info when Precision is not learned.
* Added a note for Ricky’s “special” attack.
* Made Eye of Skadi melee when picked by Ricky’s 650-range form.
* Increased the duration of the dummy unit that casts Puff’s roars from 1 to 2 seconds (suicide bugs are annoying!)
* Edited Ragnarok’s tooltip to clarify that it gives a cleaving attack, not a splash (it’s really not the same).
* Added Hamsterlord.
* Added Void Demon.
* Added Astral Trekker.

Codigos: Heroes & Skills

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Hero Skills
Formless (H500) A500,A501,A502,A503
Bastion (H600) A550,A551,A552,A553 (A55T with Scepter)
Felguard (H700,H701,H702,H703) A9ZG,A9ZH,A9ZJ,A9ZU
Cloud (H704) A9H9,A9HE,A9HD,A9HF
Ricky (H705,H706,H707,H708) A9FE,A9FF,A9FH,A9FI
Frash (H709) A9LV,A9LX,A9LZ,A9M1
Offender (H710) A9E6,A9E9,A9EB,A9EF
Rawrzi (H711) A9D4,A9DH,A9DI,A9DJ (A9M8 with Scepter)
Puff (H712) A9GD,A9GJ,A9GU,A9H1
Puff (H713) A9GE,A9GK,A9GV,A9H3
Puff (H714) A9GF,A9GL,A9GW,A9H4
Puff (H715) A9GG,A9GM,A9GX,A9H6
Puff (H716) A9GH,A9GN,A9GY,A9H7
Puff (H717) A9GI,A9GO,A9GZ,A9H8
Conjurer (H718) A31Q,A31R (the golem boulder skill code is
A31Y),A31S,A31T (A31U with Scepter)
Boomerwang (H719) A9KA (the 3 sub skills are
Intimidator (H720) A9MT,A9MU,A9MV,A9MY
Rider (H721) A9KY,A9L0,A9L1,A9L2
Gambler (H722) A9EM,A9EN,A9EO,A9EP
Old N’aix (H723) A9DO,A9DP,A9DQ,A9DR
Old Medusa (H724) A9NW,A9O4,A9O5,A9O6 (A9O7 with Scepter)
Old Invoker (H725) Where should I start…
Avatar of Vengeance (H726) A9PU,A9PV (Reality is A9PX),A9PY,A9Q0 (Direct
Vengeance is A9Q3)
God of Wind (H727) A9LB,A9LC,A9LE,A9LF
Inky (H728) A329(Mark Target),A32A,A32B,A32D,A32E
Old Silencer (H729) A9DS,A9DT,A30J,A30K
Old Morphling (H730) A9EU,A9HU,A9EV,A9EX
Old Stealth Assassin (H731) A9EY,A9HU,A9F0,A9F1
Hamsterlord (H732) A9JP,A9JR,A9JU,A9JZ (Grenade = A9K5)
Astral Trekker (H733) A9RC,A9RD,A9RE,A9RF
Void Demon (H734) A9JF,A9JH,A9JI,A9JJ

Changelog Anteriores

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Version 1: 13/10/10

* Imported anything Bastion-related and enabled -bastion command

Version 2: 15/10/10

* Changed in-game v6.67b AI Rev.2d+ to v6.67b +Bastion. This is in no way an action of disrespect to the AI development team, this map is after all a “special” edition of Rev.2d and I hope it’s not misunderstood.
* Fixed a couple of tooltip inconsistencies (thanks Hanzou!)
* Added Aghanim Scepter support for Bastion (improves the 50/50 percentage of his ultimate to 75/75)

Version 3: 19/10/10

* Enabled -fun mode. If activated, the Fun Recipe Shop (only Blood Sword is in it for now) becomes available at bottom right corner of the map.
* Improved Bastion’s base damage by 5.
* Power Flux now ignores damage greater than 6000.
* Bastion’s skill caps are now 8/12/16/20 and get doubled with Aghanim’s Scepter.

Version 3b: 19/10/10

* It should now be absolutely impossible to teleport to the Fun Recipe Shop with Boots of Travel or Scroll of Town Portal.

Fun: 20/10/10

* Renamed to Fun. This got way bigger than Bastion.
* The fun recipe shop now includes all 9 items from Rev. AWESOME.
* Changed Magic Hammer recipe so that there’s no orb effect conflict when getting components (makes more sense too IMO).

Fun v1.6: 3/11/10

* Added Fun Tavern shop with another 5 heroes. It’s impossible to pick them the normal way, but commands will do for now.
* Made some balance changes, especially to Malragor and Cloud.

Fun v1.6b: 4/11/10

* Fixed Malragor’s Strength and Honor ResearchArt icon path (it appeared green when trying to learn it).
* Fixed memory leaks related to usage of PolarProjectionBJ in Malragor’s and Frash’s skills. (BIG thanks to Sebra!)

Fun v1.6c: 4/11/10

* Fixed 1st level of Overflow causing Malragor to lose his inventory ability.

Fun v1.7: 6/11/10

* Sebra fixed the fun tavern problem. You can still pick heroes via commands if you don’t want to lose gold.
* Added Rawrzi, the Pet Summoner. For you customkeys lovers, her id is H711 and her skills are A9D4, A9DH, A9DI, A9DJ (becomes A9M8 with Scepter).
* When Rawrzi summons her pets, previously summoned pets are instantly killed (just like Beastmaster’s Call of the Wild).
* Added Aghanim’s Scepter visuals for Bastion and Rawrzi.
* Added -tips support for all fun tavern heroes.
* Tried to clean the code of Hax, but I doubt it’s going to do any good to its related bug. Couldn’t hurt to try though.

Fun v2.0: 10/11/10

* Remade the fun tavern layout.
* Added two more game modes, -funheroes and -funitems.
* Removed the commands to select heroes, they’re not needed anymore.
* Added a proper engineering upgrade for Bastion with Scepter.
* Tweaked Bastion’s Scepter upgrade. It no longer affects his other skills (caps are 16/24/32/40 with or without Scepter ), instead it lowers the cooldown of Tranference to 90/60/30, increases its casting range from 700 to 1000 and improves the percentage ratio to 75/75.
* Nerfed Cloud’s Braver and Blade Beam slightly. (Braver does 65/130/195/260 damage, Blade Beam does 75(65) / 150(130 / 225(195) / 300(260) and the cooldown is 7 seconds).
* Added Puff.
* Added Conjurer.
* Added Fluids Engineer.
* Added Intimidator.
* Added Rider.
* Added Gambler.
* Added Old N’aix.
* Added Old Medusa.
* Changed Bastion’s Scepter visuals.
* Added Scepter visuals to Old Medusa.
* Fixed fun tavern heroes’ scepters sell cost.
* Tweaks to attack types of Ante Up/Chip Stack/Lucky Stars/Backstab.
* When Ricky gains 1 agility from Precision, it’s displayed overhead.

Fun v2.1: 14/11/10

* Fixed a memory leak related to picking a fun tavern hero.
* Fixed suicides caused by Puff’s lightning form.
* Puff’s illusions no longer disappear when changing form.
* Added a leaderboard for Bastion. It replaces his death timer board and show his flux stats. The -flux command is still around, since the board is experimental and can be inaccurate.
* Added Formless.
* Added Invoker.
* Changed Bastion’s Scepter visuals… again. >_<
* Changed AI item build of Balanar to replace Radiance with MKB (he ended up making Blood Sword).

Fun v2.1b: 15/11/10

* Fixed Bone Dragon Roar from not working correctly. It seems I broke it while fixing the green one. Oops.
* Fixed the computer freeze when Formless gets Scepter.
* Added a message for Formless to let the player know he can use Scepter.
* Added -oldinvokelist.

Fun v2.1c: 15/11/10

* Fixed *another* glitch with Bone Dragon Roar. Now it finally does what it should!

Fun v2.2: 17/11/10

* BMP fixed the bottle bug with Puff!
* Fixed a bug I accidentally caused with Warcry.
* Got rid of bugs related to Formless copying the Swarm and Urna Swarm.
* Added a fix for Formless unlearning Jinada and keeping the critical.
* Added Avatar of Vengeance.
* Added God of Wind.
* Added Inky.

Fun v2.3: 20/11/10
* Updated Ricky’s Stim Pack tooltip to show that it uses 20% max hp instead of 10% current.
* Tweaked Heavy Artillery to 30 damage, 0.3 stun time.
* Bowel Hydraulics now affects allies as well, as the tooltip suggests.
* Made AoV’s Dispersion properly display the stun animation.
* Increased the duration of the dummy unit that casts Chain Lightning for Puff from 0.5 to 2 seconds. That would better solve any suicide bugs that remain.
* Shortened -funheroes, -funitems, -oldinvokelist to -funh, -funi, -oil respectively.
* When one of the three fun modes is activated, the camera is set to the fun taverns’ location.
* Fixed Level 2 Diffusal not combining for Magic Hammer when it’s out of charges.
* Fixed a typo in Inky’s tavern tooltip.
* Inky can now mark a target by right-clicking it.
* Reworked Escutcheon; it uses Soul Booster instead of Heart of Tarrasque as a component. It no longer gives +45 strength, but it gives +1250 HP (up from +650) and +800 mana. Its triggered heal chance is reduced from 25% to 20%.
* Sell costs are now shown in the Fun Recipe Shop.
* Added Old Silencer.
* Added Old Morphling.
* Added Old Stealth Assassin.

Fun v2.3b: 20/11/10
* The camera no longer moves if -funi is used.
* Fixed Cloud’s Braver and Blade Beam values.
* Ricky’s Precision was reduced to 320/240/160/80 shots.
* You can now view Precision details by typing -agi.



Heroes +fun

Items +fun



Como Instalar DotA Ai


– Para poder jugar con los “héroes fun”, debes activar el “modo fun”, ejecutando el comando “-fun”.
– La taberna con los nuevos héroes (Fun Tavern) y la tienda de ítems nuevos (Fun Recipe shop) aparecerá en la parte inferior derecha, después de ejecutar el modo “-fun”.
– Actualmente DotA Ai +Fun está siendo desarrollada por “Overflow”, quien está recibiendo soporte y consejos de “BuffMePlz” y “PleaseBugMeNot” para sus mejoras.
– Algunos de los nuevos héroes fueron inspirados en personajes de videojuegos y ciencia ficción, como “Final Fantasy”, “Starcraft”, “Heroes of Might and Magic”, “Star Treck” entre otros.
– Esta versión incluye los 97 héroes de la versión 6.67b + “26 héroes Fun” (nuevos Héroes y los clásicos pero modificados) y 9 items adicionales.

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