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DotA 6.62 omg 1.04c

Autor: ~ Bob ~.
Fecha: 28 de agosto de 2009.
Archivo: DotA v6.62 OMG v1.04c.w3x
*DotA 6.62 omg 1.04c solo soporta la versión 1.24b ( de WarCraft III ó superiores.

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– OMG mode map is now based on DotA v6.62 and works under war3 v1.24b.
– Fixed Rabid, Open Wounds, Black Hole and Refraction.
– Nature Order and Charge of Darkness had been replaced with Heartstopper Aura and Sand Storm because of bugs.
– Commands -swap and -repick are disabled in OMG modes.
– Command unstuck and afk timer are disabled in Abilities Draft mode.
– Fixed bug with shops in Abilities Draft mode.
– After draft in -AD daytime will be turned to morning.

Small comment:
– This version isn’t new and hasn’t new features. It was made because of new war3 patch and annoing bugs. Developing new, 1.05, version is in progress, very soon will start first beta-tests, and maybe 1.05 release will be in early September.

1. Random abilities

When any hero appears in game (was picked or randomed) it gains 3 random standart abilities and 1 random ultimate. They are random from pool of avaible abilities and go throught some checks (details below).

– can be activated by typing -ra with other game modes; more interesting and fun games are with -ardm mode, so blue player must type -ardmra like gamemode
– compatible with every game mode, except -ad

2. Abilities Draft

Every player can choose 3 standart abilities and 1 ultimate for his hero. Picking goes in a draft style. Abilities can be bought in taverns, which are filled with 66 standart abilities and 22 ultimates randomed from pool of avaible abilities.

There are tips for every ability in tavern, which contain its name, main hero (which have this ability in normal game), hotkey, some properties and list of unstackable abilities. Also there is a clever checking system which prevents your hero from learning unstackable abilities and some other bugs.

. Draft process.
. 1. Every player must pick/get a hero. This heroes will be on pause. If someone leaves without hero, anyone must type -recheck to refresh game info about players. Draft will start when every player gets a hero.
. 2. When game says about draft start, 8 of 9 taverns will be filled with 66 standart abilities and 22 ultimates. Every player has 60 seconds to learn the assortment of abilities.
. 3. Draft starts after this time. It goes in 3 phases:
– 1st phase: blue/pink/orange/brown player starts, every player can learn 2 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
– 2nd phase: brown/orange/pink/blue player starts, every player can learn 1 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
– 3rd phase: blue/pink/orange/brown player starts, every player can learn up to 2 standart skills or 1 ultimate on his turn
Every phase goes in well-known 1-2-2-2-2-1 draft order. Every player has 15 seconds for every turn.
If you didn’t learn something, you will get money to learn it after all 3 phases.
. 4. When your hero learns 3 standart skills and 1 ultimate, it will be unpaused and you’ll get back your gold status before draft.
After draft ends creeps will go in 1 minute.
Warning! Sometimes you can get a bug with shops, so you can’t buy anything. Your hero must get out from buying range and then get back to shops. Please, be patient to this bug. Sorry for it.

– can be activated by typing -ad with other game modes
– uncompatible with -ra, -rd, -cd and -dm modes
There a special game mode Duplicate Abilities (can be activated by typing -da), which allows for players to pick same abilities.

. Additional Info.
– Aghanim’s Scepter doesn’t improve ultimates. Exception is when hero has its own ulti (rylai – freezing field, lina – laguna blade, etc.).
– Don’t use -swap or -switch. It will crash your hero as best and crash game as worst.
– Abilities with bash won’t stack with Cranium Basher.

. Special commands.
-skills — shows current abilities of your hero with some numbers, which is useful when you found a bug
-banbloodstone (-banbs)(only blue player) — after a lot of games on -ra players start to annoying, when someone creates a Bloodstone, because of it’s imbaness in this mode and game becomes boring, so this command makes Bloodstone useless, because it gives 4x negative regeneration from every charge.
-recheck (only in -ad) — refreshes game info about players
-showprocess (only in -ad)(only blue player) — shows picking abilities process to everyone (who and what picked)

. Checking system.
Many abilities in DotA are based on same abilities from Warcraft, and they have same orders. If 1 hero gets 2 abilities with same orders then they will be used at one moment or will work only 1 of them. Because of this, when game or player chooses ability, it goes throught special checking for compatible of abilities, that already hero has.
Some abilities can be used only on melee or ranged attack, so abilities goes throught hero attack type checking. Also, some abilities takes 2 or more active icons after learning, and if there is no more place, some abilities may disappear. To prevent it, there is a checking of this.
Totally: your hero will never get uncompatible abilities, will never get abilities for melee(ranged) attack, if it is ranged(melee), also you will never lose your skills.

. Additional information.
Disabled abilities (with reasons):

just useless abilities in omg game (but every works):
Wave Of Terror
Adaptive Strike
Mirror Image (Naga Siren)
Enchant Totem
Healing Ward
Eyes in the Forest
Echo Stomp — useless without Ancetral Spirit
Fireblast — useless without Multicast
Force of Nature
Test of Faith
Holy Persuasion
Primal Split
Call of the Wild
Electric Vortex
Power Cog
Soul Steal
Conjure Image
Frost Armor
Dark Ritual
Mana Drain
Poison Sting
Plague Ward
Soul Assumption
Gravekeepers Cloak
Raise Revenant
Spin Web
Stifling Dagger
Scorched Earth
Spiked Carapace
Shadow Strike
Death Pact
Corrosive Skin
Kraken Shell
Nature Order
Time Lapse
Summon Spirit Bear — useless without Synergy
Presence of the Dark Lord
Charge of Darkness
Berserker’s Call — useless without Counter Helix
Battle Hunger
Spectral Dagger
Voodoo Restoration
Fatal Bonds
Geostrike — useless for 1 hero
Dark Portal
Soul Rip
Wall of Replica
Sticky Napalm — useless without Batrider’s abilities
Flaming Lasso

useless because hardcoded for 1 hero:
Static Field — works only with Zeus’s abilities (can be rewroten)
Aftershock — works only with Earthshaker’s abilities (can be rewroten)
Fiery Soul — works only with Lina’s abilities (can be rewroten)
Warpath — works only with Bristleback’s abilities (can be rewroten)
Overload — works only with Storm’s abilities (can be rewroten)
Synergy — upgrades only Syllabear’s abilities
Witchcraft — upgrades only Death Prophet’s abilities
MultiCast — upgrades only Ogre Magi’s abilities
Phantom Edge — upgrades only Juxtapose; 20% magic resist for ultimate is very useless
Grow — uses unit upgrade, which allowed only for Tiny (can be rewroten)
Take Aim — uses unit upgrade, which allowed only for Sniper (can be rewroten)
Dragon Blood — uses unit upgrade, which allowed only for Dragon Knight (can be rewroten)
Psi Blades — uses unit upgrade, which allowed only for Lanaya (can be rewroten)
Eclipse — depends on Moon Beam level (can be rewroten)
Requiem of Souls — depends on Necromastery level (can be rewroten)
Poof — work only on Geomancer
Divided We Stand — work normally only on Geomancer

transforms — useless because of hardcoded hero abilities in this forms:
True Form
Spirit Form
Berserker Rage
Dragon Form
Cheamical Rage
Flesh Golem

useless because bugged:
Blade Fury — doesn’t work
Counter Helix — doesn’t work

useless because I think so, but I never tested them:
Moon Glaive
Ball Lighting
Tide Bringer
Split Shot
Geminate Attack

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