DotA Allstars 6.57b Ai 1.52

Autor: BuffMePlz.

Fecha: 09 de enero 2009.
DotA Allstars 6.57b Ai 1.52 (Revision 03)
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Descargar (3.58 MB.)

Fecha: 28 de Noviembrede 2008.
DotA Allstars 6.57b Ai 1.52 (Revision 02)
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Fecha: 23 de Noviembrede 2008.
DotA Allstars 6.57b Ai 1.52 (Revision 01)
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Descargar (3.58 MB.)


Revision 03
-Restored resource preloading on Invoker
-Lowered manacost on Direct Vengeance (Avatar of Vengeance)
-Fixed the position of Leragas the Vile on the Scourge side
-Rewrote Fly (Bat Rider) to address a few bugs
-Fixed neutral creeps not spawning at 0:30 mark
-Fixed super creep movement
-Added Conjurer (5.51) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)
-Slightly reduced map size

*Formless fixes
-Added a small cast point value for Formless to fix a timing issue between spell cast and effect trigger events
-Fixed a bug with copying Meld
-Fixed some issues with behaviour when copying Feral Heart and Spin Web with Formless
-Fixed some bugs with activating Reset while Freezing Field or abilities based on immolation are active
-Illuminate on Formless is now channeling (instead of the Spirit Form version)
-Aftershock or Static Field on Formless no longer trigger on “fluff” spells (only a spell that would remove Curse of the Silent will trigger it)
-Formless can now copy Impetus, Glaives of Wisdom, Last Word, Phantom Edge, Spell Shield, Flesh Heap, Overload, Burning Spear, Berserker’s Blood, Refraction, Soul Assumption, Gravekeeper’s Cloak, Blur, Split Shot (Medusa), Crippling Fear, Hunter in the Night, Devour, Backtrack, Storm Seeker, Feast, Time Lapse, Frostmourne, Borrowed Time, Dispersion (Spectre), Arcane Orb, Essence Aura, Heartstopper Aura, Kraken Shell, Stygwyr’s Thirst
-Implemented a system that prevents Formless from copying two skills with the same base order
-Added new command -override that removes the aforementioned base order check

*Unofficial fixes
-Fixed Last Word to trigger on end of spell cast (instead of end of spell cast animation)
-Cleaned up the way Refraction buff icons appear to provide better feedback on when the buffs are actually active
-Fixed the tooltip for Storm Seeker

Revision 02
-Fixed scoreboard bugs with No Mode
-Fixed a bug with picking after the initial pick (-repick, -dm)
-Fixed some map display strings
-Rewrote Star Storm (Old Silencer) to improve ability behaviour
-Star Storm and Rain of Chaos (Old Silencer) are no longer channelling
-Silencer (Old Silencer) is no longer an orb effect
-Improved Old Morphling and Old Silencer move speed to be the same as their modern counterparts
-Changed visual effect on Tornado Barrier (God of Wind)
-Changed God of Wind’s unit icon
-Slightly improved Displace (God of Wind)
-Added Bat Rider (6.00) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)
-Updated Old Morphling’s spell database to allow stealing abilities from Kunkka, Windrunner and Bat Rider
-Added new -fun command: -tryhero

Revision. 01
-First update to 6.57b
-Fixed a bug with long gametype commands
-Fixed display text for -csXX
-Fixed a bug with Roshan’s armour aura after 50 minutes
-Fixed a bug with selling Aghanim’s Scepter
-Fixed a bug with -pe on the Scourge side
-Rewrote Focus Fire to prevent crashes with AI
-Rewrote the way AI purchases and sells Bottles to address a problem with dropping items
-AI Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25)
-AI Keeper of the Light now properly learns attribute bonuses
-Run Down (Rider) now gives vision of the targeted unit
-Improved the targeting and behaviour of Betrayal (Old Invoker)
-Fixed seeing a dummy ability when swapping with AI Sand King

*Unofficial fixes
-Fixed some typos (Eye of Skadi Ranged, Windrunner, Captain CoCo’s Rum, Recall, Courier Shield, Burst)

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