La noche antes de navidad en DotA

“La noche antes de navidad en DotA”, una adaptación de ianjamesbarnett inspirada en el famoso poema “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, también conocido como “The Night Before Christmas” y “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” de Clement Clarke Moore

The Night Before Christmas (Version DotA)

Twas the night before Christmas, and in every lane
not a hero was farming, not ZSMJ.
All the heroes were tucked in their taverns for bed
And dreams of new items abound in their heads.
In hopes that their stockings would fill to the brim
When Saint Prophet dropped by and his gifts with him.
Even the ancients, all neutrals the same,
Their slumber was deep warmed by crackling flame.
But alas poor dirge was alone in the cold.
His stench was too strong for the taverns to behold.
Kicked to the river to live as a tramp,
No one could stand him, not even the ogre camp.
So as he lay down in the river, he sighed,
“I wish one could love someone as smelly as I.”
He then drifted off and Saint Prophet watched him sleep.
He was pained by his suffereing, and with pity he did weep.
Determined, he gathered his gifts and took flight,
for he now had more work to be done on this night.
And when morning then came, Dirge found at his feet,
Six gifts were around him, and those six gifts were quite leet.
A pipe of insight, a heart of tarrasque,
A vanguard, some treads, an assault cuirass.
A radiance to finish, Dirge felt tears in his eyes.
He was so marvelously happy, he leveled up in surprise.
As Saint Prophet did watch from afar he did say,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day.”

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